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Opening up to a therapist can be a frightening thought. This fear is the very thing that stops many people from seeking help. The topics discussed in therapy are often deep and include trauma. Do not worry, though; almost everyone enters therapy with some hesitation or fear. Here are a few tips for working through your fear of opening up to a new therapist.

Get to Know Them

As you begin working with a new therapist, there will be a time to get to know each other. They want to get to know you also. Do not hesitate to ask them questions. You can ask about their likes, dislikes, or why they went into the mental health field. As you get to know them, you will realize they are simply a person just like you.

Listen to Them Explain Treatment

Talk with them about what to expect from treatments. What does a typical session look like? What do they expect from you? Your comfort level will grow as you learn more about what to expect from your therapist. The unknown is often scary. Learn what you can and ask questions.

Start Small

Start small as you begin to open up. Talk about subjects that you feel safe discussing. As you slowly talk more and open up, it will become easier and less scary. It is important to remember that talking with your therapist about your worries and concerns is often beneficial and comforting. Find the courage to tell them you feel anxious or nervous about opening up. They will be able to tailor your treatment to fit your needs and build your confidence.

Keep an Open Mind

Keep an open mind as you begin therapy. You will be introduced to many new ideas and concepts that challenge your previous thought process.

Opening up to a new therapist can be scary. Try to start small and talk about things that you are comfortable with. Get to know your therapist by asking questions and try to keep an open mind when they work to introduce new ideas and concepts to you. Therapy is about growth, and your therapist is there to help you gain the skills you need. Here at The Guest House, our goal is to help you feel comfortable and safe as you work through your challenges. Call The Guest House today to learn about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.