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How Do I Rebuild My Life After Treatment?

The day you woke up tired of feeling ill, engaging in self-defeating behaviors, or hurting yourself and others is the day you begin to change. Change happens when a voice or a feeling deep inside takes hold of your conscious and steers you to become a healthier version of yourself. The decision to change everything built you up and brought you to another version of your life.

However, you may be left wondering how you can rebuild the relationships you had with yourself and others now that you have changed.

What Does Rebuilding Look Like?

The commitment you made to yourself when you started mental health or substance addiction therapy is a promise to maintain your recovery. When you enter the treatment center, you set aside time to work on your flaws, forgive yourself, and let go of negative feelings. You learned in therapy to leave the past behind and focus on the present.

During your stay, therapists asked you to shift your focus and discover who you are and what helps you cope with harmful feelings. You likely participated in traditional and holistic therapies to ground and calm your mind. Now, as you re-enter your life, take those lessons with you and integrate them into your daily routine. This is rebuilding the relationship you have with yourself.

Can I Fix Damaged Relationships?

Fixing damaged relationships can take time and a willingness on both sides to engage in finding ways to heal. You can be open and honest with your friends and family and tell them you want to work on mending the hurt or pain. However, be willing to be uncomfortable with your loved ones’ responses. A healthy way to have a constructive conversation about your past behaviors is to participate in family therapy.

An essential part of rebuilding relationships is shifting your focus from the negative to the positive. Don’t hold onto past hardships, resentments, or guilt. Instead, discover what brings you joy, fills you with gratitude, or gives you hope. Look within yourself so you can give to others.

Remember that the process of starting over takes patience. You can feel frustrated when things aren’t going as quickly or smoothly as you want. Give yourself a break. Reconnecting with yourself and loved ones isn’t easy. They’re learning to understand and forgive; be gentle with them. Realize that they’re determining if they can trust you.

Damaged relationships include broken trust. Whether you use your spirituality, the 12-Step method, or support from others, learn how to trust. Faith in something boosts your belief in your ability to heal relationships.

Rebuilding relationships requires work and patience. One step in repairing what was injured is to invest in yourself. Without a deep understanding of your behaviors, starting new is impossible. The Guest House believes everyone can make a change in their life. Our treatment can help you break toxic patterns and learn how to love yourself. Our therapy program includes family therapy because we know treating the family is as important as treating the individual. We hope you will find the skills to rebuild with us. To learn more about us and our serene location near Ocala, Florida, call (855) 483-7800.