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How Do I Stop Vaping?

During the summer of 2019, an outbreak of lung disease started to increase steadily, peaking in September. Since then, there continues to be a decline in the vaping epidemic, although there are still plenty of people who vape. Many of those continuing to vape, knowing the consequences, have expressed they would like to stop but cannot. Vaping was marketed as a means to safely give up traditional cigarettes as a way to taper off tobacco and nicotine. What happened next was that these vaping devices only created another addiction to the nicotine in the e-juice.

Excessively vaping can cause problems mentally, physically, and spiritually. With any addiction, stopping on willpower may only yield short-term results. For the long-term cessation of vaping, a plan must be put into place and adhered to for best results.

Pick A Date To Stop

For anything to come of your quest to quit vaping, find a beginning point. Without a stop date, there will never a start date. Honestly, the best time to stop is today, right now. You may feel like you need some time to finish off what you have, but sometimes that can cause you to keep procrastinating or give way to the development of health issues. Stopping now will be your best bet because there is no time like the present.

Prepare For Your Withdrawal

You may be anticipating that you will be fine once you quit vaping. What you need to know is that most people struggle with cravings and triggers. While you may believe that you will be alright, getting yourself prepared for the withdrawal process will give you the best success. In the early stages of termination, being around vaping could cause you to want to start up again. Not having a plan of action when cravings and triggers pop up for you, may only lead you to start the cycle of stopping and then starting again. Preventing this cycle is in your best interest because stopping addictive behaviors can be more complicated than you imagine.

Find Some Support

If you are unsure about your decision to stop vaping, consult your primary care doctor to get the information you need to quit altogether. Your doctor can lead you to additional support and help you decide that quitting is the best option. Of course, let your loved ones, recovery friends, and coworkers know what you are trying to achieve so they can add support and encouragement when you need it the most.

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