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How Do I Support a Loved One in Denial?

Supporting a loved one struggling with addiction can be all-consuming. You desperately want to help them and take away their pain. If your loved one is struggling to accept that they have a substance abuse problem, there may be only so much you can do to help them. Here are a few actions you can take if your loved one struggles to accept that they are suffering from an addiction.

Listen Actively

Listening to your loved one is an amazing way you can support them. Let them tell you how they feel, what they are struggling with, and what daily life looks like. It is important to be nonjudgmental while your loved one is opening up to you. If they feel judged, they will probably not feel comfortable opening up to you in the future. Creating a supportive and loving relationship will help them as they journey through acceptance and recovery.

Let Them Know You Are on Their Side

Being supportive of your loved one and their journey can be challenging. It can be hard to understand addiction if you have never personally experienced it. Verbally let your loved one know that you are on their side and there to help them. Sometimes we assume that other people know that we are there for them, but they may struggle to feel that support. Verbally let your loved one know that you are ready to support them in whatever way they need.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Do your best not to push your loved one towards a specific recovery plan that you have in mind. However, you can and should encourage healthy habits. Try to pick up healthy habits yourself and then educate your loved one about these habits.

Accept Your Power

Your loved one needs to accept that they have a problem on their own. All you can do is to support and love them through their journey. That support and love will make a significant impact even if you do not see or feel it in the beginning.

Supporting your loved one through addiction can be stressful. It can be even more overwhelming if your loved one does not accept that they are struggling with addiction. Try to be available to listen without judgment, and let them know you are on their side. Encourage them to adopt healthy habits and accept that your loved one needs to accept their addiction on their own. Here at The Guest House, we understand that addiction affects the entire family. We are here to help and support you. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn about our different treatment options.