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Fear of the unknown is difficult to describe since all of our feelings and thoughts about it are in our heads. Often, what we fear are typically things we don’t understand or things beyond our control. These negative emotions and thoughts cause mental blocks. These blocks influence how we live our lives and, if not released, can hurt how we live our lives to the fullest. However, to make the most of the current situation, you can help yourself work through fear of the unknown in five easy steps.

#1. Understand the Fear

The first step to walking through the fear of the unknown is to understand your fears. Although it’s going to be difficult, it’s not impossible. When you face your fears, you can see things you didn’t know before. This subtle act of awareness offers you a glimpse of victory over the fear of the unknown.

To further help you through this phase, try keeping a journal of your behavioral patterns. You can do this in a two- to three-week period. Did you know that transferring your fear — your symptoms and patterns — into writing can help you understand it? Most importantly, understanding your fears is a step toward working through them.

#2. It’s Okay to Accept Failure

Some people will not accept anything short of success. However, it’s okay to fail. There’s nothing wrong with failing. To fail doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It just means you found one more way that will not work, and you are that much closer to succeeding.

Failures in life push us to try harder and strive to learn new skills and thus achieve our goals. If you do not accept your failures, you will always remain in a state of uncertainty.

#3. Learn to Accept Change

We’ve all heard that change is constant. As accurate as that concept is, it’s also difficult to accept in most situations. The only permanent thing in life is change, and to help transition properly through fear of the unknown, we have to accept change. If you are afraid to change, you will always be afraid of the future.

#4. Focus on Breathing

As mundane as it may seem, breathing is more vital than you would ever think. Did you know that anxiety begins with short breaths? Most of the adverse reactions in the human body are caused by short, shallow breathing, which can rapidly lead to anxiety attacks. One of the ways to control the rapid outbreaks of anxiety is to manage your breathing.

The moment you notice that you are becoming fearful, stop and practice focused breathing. One breathing technique that is helpful in reducing anxiety is exhaling longer than you inhale.

#5. Seek Professional Help

Most people who struggle with fear of the unknown are typically people who are victims of social anxiety. If you find yourself in this position, seek help. Most of the fears related to social anxiety will not be addressed if you do not have a solid support system.

Overcoming fear of the unknown is essential to living your life to your fullest potential. To help yourself overcome the fear of the unknown, it may be helpful to work to understand your fear, accept failure, learn to accept change, and focus on your breathing. If your fears are related to underlying mental health issues, it may be time to seek professional help. At The Guest House, we are here to help people overcome their mental health issues and live life to the fullest. For more information on treatment options, call (855) 483-7800.