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Many of us struggling with addiction find that we’re also coping with serious physical health challenges. We use our drugs of choice not only to escape our psychological and emotional difficulties but also to cope with our physical pain. We might have painful physical health symptoms that we’re desperate to relieve ourselves of. We might have chronic health issues we haven’t found a cure for that we use our drugs of choice to try and escape and numb ourselves to. Sometimes we don’t know what is causing our physical pain and discomfort. All we know is that we’re suffering. How are our addictions related to our physical health?

Developing Addictions to Prescription Drugs

Many of us were first introduced to our drug of choice because it was a prescription given to us for a physical health issue. We might suffer from debilitating pain from an injury, illness, or other medical condition. We might not know what first caused our pain. When our physical pain is chronic and we can’t find relief from it, it can easily contribute to our emotional distress. We can develop depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges as a result. We feel a great deal of sadness because of our pain. We might be frustrated and resentful that we don’t get to live normal lives or function as we’d like to. We might have a lot of fear around the future of our health. Will we always be suffering? Will we always be in pain? Will we always have to worry about the state of our physical health?

Mismanaging Our Symptoms

When we have physical health issues, we can find both emotional solace and physical relief from getting high. We can feel comforted by our drugs of choice. We can become dependent on them, whether they are prescription or illegal drugs, or any other addictive substance or behavior, and we can begin to abuse them. We can find ourselves grappling with a full-blown addiction shortly thereafter, or it might develop gradually over time. We aren’t learning how to manage our physical health issues, and their painful symptoms, in healthy ways. We’re often exacerbating our health problems rather than finding solutions to them. We’re becoming more and more entrenched in our addictive patterns, which keeps us from getting well. Addiction recovery, therefore, involves not only shedding our dependence on our drugs of choice but also finding healthy ways to cope with and heal our physical health issues.

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