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How Do Our Fears Take On a Life of Their Own?

Our addictions and mental illnesses are very often a manifestation of the relationship we have with our fears, a relationship that is based on avoidance, resistance, denial and escapism. We suppress our fears hoping they will go away. We avoid confronting them at all costs because the weight of them and the pain they bring us can be so overwhelming and so hard to handle. We allow our fears to have more power over us than they need to. We allow them to control our minds, our hearts and therefore our lives. How do our fears take on a life of their own?

When we feel consumed by fear, we are attracting and manifesting more of what we’re afraid of. If we’re afraid we’re inadequate, for example, we will attract more circumstances, situations and relationships that make us feel worse about ourselves, that compound our insecurities, and that convince us that we are in fact inadequate. We believe our fears. We identify with them, believing what they tell us about ourselves, our lives and the world around us. We give them the power to define what kind of relationship we have with ourselves. We allow them to control, direct and overpower us. When our fears go unchecked by us, when we don’t challenge or question them, they grow more and more powerful. They take on a life of their own, bringing our self-esteem and self-worth to dangerously low levels. They make us hate ourselves and our lives. They make us self-destruct. They contribute to our deep mental and emotional unwellness.

Our fears are some of our greatest spiritual tests. They push us to learn how to love ourselves. They challenge us to do the internal work we need to do to get well. They test our faith in ourselves. When we finally confront our fears, we’re being put to the ultimate test of self-love, faith and inner strength. When we’re brave in the face of our fears, we realize just how powerful we truly are. Our fears are illusions that we create from our pain. They are the culmination of all the limiting beliefs and self-hating programming stored in our subconscious minds. They are the product of our wounded egos. We can reclaim our power over our fears. We don’t have to allow them free reign over our lives anymore. We can learn to move through our fears and successfully create new relationships with ourselves that are based on courage, self-love, self-acceptance and healing.

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