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How Do People in Recovery Let Go of Bad Influences in Their Lives?

Living a sober life is pretty difficult after being addicted to drugs and alcohol for so long. It is not easy to make the transition. It takes daily intentionality to live in a space that is about healing and finding hope. When people learn to let go of what doesn’t serve them, they begin to heal. Memories are hard to let go of because they provide an emotional landscape to a personal journey from addiction to recovery. Not everyone can come with through that transition if they are negative influences. Find out what negative influences can take down recovery and how to find hope again.

Moving On

It is hard to let go of people that are loved, even if the reason is that they are abusive. Some of the best memories are of those who caused the most pain. That does not make them healthier even when a person gets healthy in recovery. People in life often play a role and stay there. They are not able to shift away from that role. Take dealers, friends with addiction, and enablers, for instance.  If their behavior does not shift, they will just bring other people down, even those in recovery. They may remember certain times they shared with that person, but it is not worth pursuing future friendships with them if it means they cannot be on board with recovery. 

Saying Goodbye

Bidding someone adieu is difficult, but when it is clear they are harming recovery goals, then it is easier to tell them it is best to move on. Some key things to think about when saying farewell:

  • Don’t make concessions to them
  • Don’t hang around people or places where addiction is happening
  • Don’t feel guilty or be led on a guilt trip
  • Don’t let other people place blame for moving ahead, even while they lag behind

Many people want to have what others have but are not able or willing to work for it. The people who are toxic come crawling back for help. They are not prepared for the journey. Be careful of others coming back into a person’s life seeking help, advice, or friendship. That former toxic friend may want to reconnect for good reasons, but may try to take advantage if they’re still unhealthy. Be firm in that stance and protect sobriety at all costs. It is okay to help others, but not for the sake of personal recovery efforts. 

Guest House helps you identify ways to navigate recovery, friendships, and old haunts. It is part of the aftercare work we help you do before you leave rehab. It is not just  about detox, it is about life skills and finding healing again in recovery. For more information about sober living programs for men and women as well as recovery programs, call 855-483-7800.