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Having hope through your recovery journey is a very important part of it. Hope helps us to think in a positive manner, appreciate our past but be excited about the future, and move forward through difficulties. Sometimes we find ourselves fixated on the past or stuck in negative emotions. This can really hinder our journey, and make it challenging to move past our struggles. There are times that having hope and positivity can make a huge difference in how we approach situations and handle our emotions. Here are a few tips to try to start off your journey on a hopeful note.

Have a Support System

Having people around you that want you to succeed is very important. Those people will remind you of how great you are doing, how far you have come, and of your goals when you forget. Your support system is there to help give you hope when you cannot find it yourself. They can be the difference between you choosing a risky behavior and you choosing to not do a risky behavior. Without positive supportive people in your life, you may find it even more challenging to work through your recovery. 

Write Down What You Are Feeling

Practice writing down what you are hopeful for, what you are feeling, or your future plans. Sometimes when we get our feelings down on paper, we can think about them more clearly and process our emotions better. This can also be an activity that you do on your own, away from your therapist. You can then take what you have written to your next session and discuss the topics that were brought up. This can be a great conversation starter with your therapist. It may help you realize that there are certain areas that you need to focus on and discuss more. 

Finding your hope can be a challenging thing to do. It can be really easy to focus on the negatives, the struggles, and the hardships. These can lead us to feeling very isolated and alone. Having a support system can help us to not only find our hope but to maintain it as well. Having a support system that can remind you of your worth is a great thing. You may also find writing what you are hopeful for down can be a beneficial activity. The Guest House has many different therapeutic options to explore. Give us a call to learn more at (855) 483-7800.