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There is a term in recovery often used when someone is trying to look for differences rather than similarities and lives in self-pity with the mindset that they are the one who has been dealt with the harshest consequences. “Terminal uniqueness” can hold a person back from being able to relate to others because they believe that no one could understand what they have been through. When someone suffers from terminal uniqueness in their drug and alcohol recovery, they do not allow themselves to be open to others’ experiences. Sometimes, this can also keep someone from embracing what truly makes them unique when exemplifying their success as an overall individual.

Be Yourself

An original is worth more than a copy. You should never be anything but true to yourself. By appreciating that you were uniquely made and there will never be another you, you can walk confidently in your sobriety. Rather than feel bad about your past transgressions, you should own them as part of your story and use them to help someone else.  

Own Your Identity

Your uniqueness is far more interesting than your desire to conform. Trying to seem everyone else to hide from your shame and guilt will make you feel bad about who you are. There is nothing wrong with you, especially when you are trying to do everything you can to recover from addiction and mental health issues. Instead of fighting your purpose, accept it in gratefulness that you are wonderfully unique.

Value Your Integrity

Your integrity is important to show your real character and enrich your recovery. When you do the right thing even when no one is watching, you will build up your self-worth and self-esteem. Choosing value over personal gain also goes a long way with increasing your self-respect. By choosing courage over comfort, you find a better life that will be true to who you are.

The rule of thumb is that you should be genuinely who you are no matter what anyone says or does because not only does your recovery depend on it, but your emotional sobriety will flourish. Everyone has spiritual gifts, abilities, and characteristics that should be acclaimed so that everyone, including yourself, will be blessed by the very things that make you “you-nique.” 


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