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Everything that you say to yourself matters. Your inner critic is not just a harmless passing thought – this is your inside voice. It inhibits you and keeps you from pursuing and enjoying the life you want and deserve. It steals from your peace of mind, and if you let it speak to you negatively for long enough, your inside voice can further perpetuate damage to your mental and physical well being. Alternatively, your inside voice can challenge you to become better and achieve something. However, using self-criticism for reasons other than positive self-talk is the same as choosing punishment over a reward. Making a choice this way will bring you further away from maintaining recovery and healing from past experiences.

Recognize Your Inner Critic

Much of thinking is automatic as it moves from thought to thought. Utilizing the practice of mindfulness or meditation can help you slow down such thoughts and recognize when the inner critic is present. Keeping a log, whether a physical journal or phone app, to record whenever you notice the inner critic is a great way to track patterns and behaviors you have.

You Are Separate From The Critic

Don’t mistake your inner critic for your true self. This voice sometimes draws from outside influences, expectations, and standards. When you separate yourself from this critic, you can begin to free yourself from its power and act with your real identity.


Talking back to your inner critic helps you take away its power, giving you a choice to command how you feel about yourself. You might start by telling this voice you are choosing to be kind to yourself.

Replace the Critic

Despite what your inner critic has told you, you know that you have positive traits. Make it an effort to say something positive to yourself and look for the evidence that supports this as a true statement.

Battling your inner voice is one of the hardest things to overcome in recovery and life — your inner critic can be persuasive. However, the critic is too often wrong. By practicing techniques to develop a positive self-talk inner voice, you will bring yourself closer to the person you want to be, your true self. You will also brush off the criticisms, judgments, and expectations of the outside world because you will understand that the negative things they tell you aren’t about you. If you are struggling to break free from your inner critic, seek help today. At Guest House, we offer both conventional and experiential therapies to help you discover your true self and work toward becoming the person you want to be. To learn more, call us today at (855) 483-7800.