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How Does a Loved One Need the Most Help After Rehab?  

Helping a loved one following rehab means finding support and encouragement while they recover. Setting boundaries means not letting people walk all over you but also means finding the most supportive way to help them thrive. A loved one needs help after rehab, not enabling. The best way to help them is to deal with their emotions. Find out the best ways to support a loved one who has been through rehab.


Before a loved one ever comes home, there may be family counseling and support available through the rehab center. There may be support groups to attend for families of loved ones with substance use disorder (SUD). Learning more about how substances impact a loved one can help people understand the mindset and why addiction is considered a chronic disorder. Education will help people recognize potential triggers and influences. Once a person sets boundaries, they can encourage the loved one to have healthier habits. Most 12-step groups support people who also have loved ones with addiction. 

Living by Rules of Life

Life with a loved one who has SUD is difficult at first. They are going through a lot but the family has been through a lot, too. Some basic rules are necessary to make sure everyone feels successful on the journey. Some things to think about:

  • Don’t give into enabling behaviors
  • Don’t try to cover for their misbehavior
  • Let people empower themselves (which might mean making mistakes)
  • Natural consequences are part of the process of learning

Living with a person who has SUD is hard, but rules can help create healthy boundaries everyone can live with. Relapse may happen at any time but people can support a loved one through the challenges.

Notice the Signs

A person who is headed for relapse may talk about the past more, glamorize their past life using substances, and associate with people and places they did before they were sober or clean. Relapse is part of the journey for so many but with the right support, tools, and resources a person can continue to fight back against the cravings and triggers to return to these habits. If a relapse happens, it is not the family members who are at fault. Addiction is an insidious disease that takes many people several attempts to get past. Actively listen and be part of their journey with them. They will be thankful to have loved ones along the difficult road.

The Guest House Ocala knows how hard it is to quit using drugs or alcohol. We are here for you whenever you decide to quit. If you relapse or know someone at risk of relapse, call us to find out how we can help them navigate the journey back to rehab. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800