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How Does Anger Affect Your Recovery?


Those in recovery may experience bouts of anger based on being upset that they can no longer drink or use. The withdrawal process also can play a huge part in how someone reacts in anger because of the changes the body is going through. Once the initial shock of sobriety sets in, anger may begin generating next. Not many people really want to get sober, but do because they have no other choice. Being backed into a recovery corner makes them feel helpless, which often turns into anger.

If this sounds like what you are going through, staying angry amongst all the good things that are taking place in your life will ultimately affect your recovery and possibly cause you to relapse. You have a choice to view recovery in a different light, and when you don’t, here is what could happen.

You Can’t Be Grateful and Angry at the Same Time

Grateful people are happy people, so if you are mad, you will not appreciate everything you should. Rather than let your anger overtake you, start thinking about everything you are thankful for to change your perspective quickly.

You Can’t Be Open-Minded and Angry at the Same Time

There are aspects of recovery that you will have to be open-minded about, or else you may get angered about the suggestions that are being made. Being told what to do may set you off, but you should realize that what is being asked of you is pertinent for long-term sobriety.

You Can’t Be Right-Sized and Angry at the Same Time

Most of the time, your ego is what causes you to become outraged. Thinking you are being wronged or feeling entitled will allow you to get angry at pretty much anything. Learning to set aside your pride in the name of being content will acknowledge your desire to become right-sized in your recovery.

Although no one could fault you for being angry about having to change, you should not stay in that emotion for long. Anger can destroy your recovery if you let it and bring you right back to the reasons you drank and used drugs in the first place. Take your recovery one day at a time and get busy doing the work to see why you are so angry. Taking this leap of faith will allow your life to become more pleasant by not having to take everything, except your recovery, so seriously.

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