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How Does Recovery Change Us?

When we undertake the recovery journey, we don’t always realize the huge impact it will have on our lives. We don’t understand, because we haven’t experienced it yet, that sobriety will turn our lives around in drastic and miraculous ways. When we do finally achieve the sobriety we’ve been working towards, we come to see that it is allowing us to finally be happy and achieve wellness. Our sobriety is the gateway to the rest of our lives, the portal through which we can walk in order to accomplish everything we’ve always wanted. For much of our lives we’ve held ourselves back and suppressed our ambitions. We’ve suffered from years of self-inflicted pain and internal self-sabotage. We’ve been self-destructive, self-hating and self-deprecating, adding to our deep inner pain. The recovery process opens us up in entirely new and life changing ways. It allows us to see ourselves and our lives in a whole new light. How does recovery change us?

Addiction recovery is not only the process of achieving sobriety, it’s also all the work we do to heal our relationship with ourselves. We shift our self-perception to be one of self-love and validation. We start to encourage and uplift ourselves instead of constantly belittling ourselves, demeaning ourselves and putting ourselves down. We transform our self-image to be one of self-love and self-acceptance. We stop believing that our mistakes, our flaws and our regrets are what define us. We see ourselves as the powerful, brilliant sources of love and light that we truly are.

Recovery changes us by pushing us to heal the very important ways in which we treat ourselves, how we think and feel about ourselves, how we speak about ourselves internally and to the outside world, and how we care for ourselves. The love we give ourselves, or the lack thereof, creates the foundation upon which we manifest everything in our lives. Our recovery enables us to manifest from a place of inner peace, calm, fortitude and courage where before we were manifesting out of fear and turmoil. Recovery transforms everything in our lives, from our daily routines and circumstances, to the deeply satisfying peace we feel knowing we’ve finally done what we need to do for ourselves. Recovery allows us to see just what we are capable of accomplishing and attracting in our lives. It allows us to heal the wounded relationship we have with ourselves and therefore create healthy relationships with other people. It empowers us to be well, to be balanced, stable and self-loving, where before we were ungrounded, lost, wounded and self-hating.

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