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How Does Sobriety Empower Us to Live Healthier Lives?

Our addictions and mental illnesses are often interrelated and interconnected with various other issues in our lives – relationship problems, financial troubles, career worries, anxiety, unrest and unhappiness in our lives. When we’re struggling with addiction, we’re also often struggling with many other complex issues as well. Sometimes it takes us time, well into our recovery, to see how much our sobriety can and does affect the other areas of our lives, just as our addictions have. How does our sobriety empower us to live healthier lives?

Our recovery can be the catalyst for other wonderful, expansive transformations in our lives. When we achieve sobriety, we see firsthand that we do in fact have the inner strength, resilience, and willpower to do what’s best for ourselves and make healthy choices for ourselves. For much of our lives, many of us assumed we were too weak, or too entrenched in our addictions, or not good enough or strong enough to recover. We assumed that if we failed before by relapsing and falling back into old patterns, we would always continue to do so. Once we begin the hard work of recovery, the challenging work of reconnecting with ourselves and learning ourselves intimately, honestly and with vulnerability, we start to see how much courage and strength we possess. We start to see ourselves more clearly. We get to know ourselves better. We start to feel instinctively how much we’re capable of. We begin to trust in our potential and have renewed faith in ourselves. Our sense of self-worth and our confidence improve. We feel like we can take on the world.

When we achieve sobriety, we feel empowered to make other important healthy changes for ourselves. We take better care of our mental, emotional and physical health. We start new routines and create healthier lifestyles, focusing on practicing better habits on a regular basis. We prioritize healthy relationships and shed the ones that are toxic to us. We decide to confront our deeply rooted relationship issues as well as the internal wounds within us. We decide to pursue our dreams and seek out fulfillment in our careers and passions. We make the choice to prioritize ourselves, our well-being and our happiness. We realize that if we can get sober, there isn’t anything we can’t do. If we can figure out what was fueling our addictions and successfully turn things around for ourselves, if we can support and uplift ourselves enough to achieve sobriety, the sky is the limit on what else we can accomplish.

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