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How Education Can Help Us in Recovery

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in life and in recovery is the opportunity to learn more, about ourselves and the unique talents we have, about our addictions and mental health issues, about the world around us. The gift of education can help us to expand ourselves and augment our growth. It can help us to discover more about who we are and what we have to offer the world, how we can be of service to others, and what unique talents we have to share. When we educate ourselves, it doesn’t have to be strictly in the form of traditional schooling. We can be self-taught. We can travel and explore the world along with its many fascinating cultures and histories. We can read books, take classes, do apprenticeships, and work with mentors. There is no limit to the ways in which we can learn, and there’s no limit to how much it can help us in our recovery.

Confidence and Internal Connection

The more we learn about our addictions and mental health issues, the more prepared we are to be able to overcome them. We can learn about relapse prevention and mindfulness. We can do important soul searching and learn more about our families’ histories with addiction and depression. We can learn useful tools to offset addictive cravings. We can practice meditation, yoga and energy healing. When we educate ourselves about addiction, we’re no longer victims to it. We empower ourselves with everything we learn, and we grow more confident in ourselves and our ability to transcend our difficulties. We learn how to reconnect with ourselves and love ourselves, after years of self-hatred and self-rejection. This might be the greatest piece of education we can give ourselves.

Putting Life Lessons Into Practice

The more we learn about any subject that interests us or that we find useful, whether we’re digging into an academic subject or diving into a personal passion project, we develop our different kinds of intelligence, our intellect, our emotional intelligence and our capacity for spiritual growth. We hone important life skills. Our lives in recovery are our chance to put into practice everything we’ve learned and implement practical approaches to the theories we’ve been exploring. This growth contributes exponentially to our recovery. We feel good about ourselves when we can learn a skill and then use it in our daily lives. We feel empowered. We embrace our strength and feel proud of ourselves. This new internal environment we’re creating for ourselves is the perfect environment for recovery because we’re becoming more receptive to growth, learning and expansion than ever before. 

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