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How is Nature Beneficial to Recovery?

As we’re working to recover from addiction and mental illness, one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves is increase our exposure to the natural world. The more time we can spend in nature, the more we benefit our recovery and give ourselves an increased chance of accomplishing our recovery goals. How is nature beneficial to our healing?

Nature provides a welcome escape from the turbulence and turmoil of our regular lives. It is nurturing, calming and reassuring. It reminds us that we too can achieve peace within ourselves. It makes us feel as though everything will be okay. It shows us that by being still, we can find tranquility. Being outdoors naturally decreases our stress and anxiety levels and can instantly make us feel calmer. It can aid our meditation practice by giving us soothing sights and sounds to meditate to.

Addiction and mental health issues are overwhelming, stressful and painful. We often make our pain even worse by how we respond to it. The natural world shows us that the ways in which we live our lives and handle our emotions aren’t very natural at all. We push against ourselves. We block our own healing. We sabotage our own wellness. In nature, we see plants, animals and bodies of water working in harmony with one another and with the elements around them. They’re not fighting themselves or their environment, they’re working with it, amongst it. They are a part of it. Being in nature reminds us to stop pushing so hard, to succumb to the natural flow of life, to let life happen rather than always trying to force it. Like the rainfall, like a river flowing, we can let our emotions just be, rather than trying to dictate them, direct them, or control them. We can let our thoughts and feelings be as they are and have acceptance for them. We learn valuable lessons from observing the patterns of the natural world.

Nature is so important for us that when we don’t have enough of it, we can experience what is often referred to as Nature Deficit Disorder. We feel more on edge, more restless, more anxious and more worried. The stress of our everyday lives, along with being indoors the majority of our time, takes a massive toll on our health. We need the vitamin D from sunlight. We need to breathe the clean, fresh air. We need the negative ions from the ocean. Let’s incorporate more nature in our recovery and experience just how transformative and healing it can be.

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