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How is Vulnerability an Asset in Recovery?

Many of us tend to fear being vulnerable, and we associate it with being weak and unable to control our emotions. We see vulnerability as a bad thing, something we strive to eliminate from ourselves and how we operate in our lives. We believe we should suppress our emotions and block ourselves from expressing them lest we be judged as being overly emotional. We often try our hardest not to appear vulnerable to other people, and we keep ourselves from internally connecting to ourselves and our emotions. How is vulnerability actually an asset to us in our recovery?

Reconnecting with Ourselves

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we start facing the truth of who we are and how we feel. Our denial and avoidance have contributed to our unwellness for much of our lives, to our mental health issues, our deep unhappiness, and our addictive patterns. When we’re not honest with ourselves, we give our illnesses more fuel to overpower us. We’re keeping ourselves from being in touch with our inner selves, and we’re disconnecting from who we are. This disconnection from self is a painful separation for us, and it erodes our capacity for self-love. When we start to reconnect ourselves by letting ourselves be vulnerable and express our emotions, we take a huge step towards loving ourselves unconditionally and being able to truly accept who we are.

Letting Ourselves Be Supported

Being vulnerable allows us to open up to help, guidance and support from other people. When we’re afraid to be vulnerable, we fear sharing with people that we’re hurting. We don’t confide in other people. We don’t reach out to people who might be able to help us recover. We keep our addictions and mental health issues a secret out of fear of people judging us and looking down on us. We block ourselves from getting the help we need. When we make the choice to let ourselves be vulnerable, we open ourselves up to all of the resources and connections that can help us in our recovery. We summon our bravery and inner strength in order to propel ourselves forward. We push through the fear that has kept us hiding from ourselves and our feelings for so long. We stop blocking and limiting ourselves, and we enable ourselves to make huge progress in our healing.

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