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How long does anyone need to stay in treatment for trauma, chemical addictions, process addictions, depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues? Until recently, there has always been an answer to the length of time to spend in treatment. The 28-30 day model has sustained the treatment industry for a long time. However, the efficacy of this length of stay wore off. People who were treated exclusively for drug and alcohol addiction found themselves relapsing. Others who were treated exclusively for mental health issues found themselves relapsing as well. Rarely did treatment focus on the holistic person, including the mind, the body, and the spirit, in addition to dual diagnosis issues. With the misappropriated focus and a very short amount of time in a clinical setting, people were not getting well. Perhaps they got well temporarily. Inevitably, many would fall back into their individual illnesses until they necessitated treatment once more.

Today, treatment is long-term, holistically focused, and largely inclusive of dual diagnosis issues. Living with a lifetime, or even just a few years, of life-altering issues takes time to reprogram and heal. Treatment includes many different therapies and healing modalities which address the various symptoms and causes of the varying issues one has to confront. From mental health issues, to somatic issues, to spiritual issues, to addiction issues, treatment helps heal every area of struggling. Accomplishing such a large order of treatment in a mere four weeks is hard to do, yet possible. Most often, when an individual is restricted in time for treatment, which does happen, they seek out an outpatient program or set up their own program of care through therapists, healers, and other methods of recovery. Regardless of how they approach it, their time after inpatient treatment is structured clinically. Even those who go through long term inpatient treatment still have structure after graduating.

The primary philosophy behind the movement toward long term treatment is that long term treatment is long term treatment. Staying in treatment longer means more time in a safe, structured environment receiving therapeutic, clinical care under the observation of professionals.

The Guest House Ocala strongly recommends a 90 day commitment for residents seeking recovery from trauma, addictions, and other related issues. Our programs are flexible to meet your distinct and individual needs. Call us today for information on our residential treatment programs: 1-855-483-7800