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Moving can be stressful and a lot of work. However, the act of moving while in recovery can come with some amazing mental health benefits.

Your world probably drastically changed the day you decided to reach out for help for your addiction and mental health issues. Treatment is a huge learning process, and you may find that you rediscover yourself along the way. Treatment can be a healing and meaningful time. When treatment ends and you reintegrate back into society, you may find yourself wanting to make changes. Your old life may feel foreign or simply not right for you anymore. Moving to a new home may be an option to explore if you are feeling this way. Here are a few benefits you may experience along the way if you decide to move.

Let Go of What Isn’t Working

The act of moving homes can help you to let go of aspects of your life that simply are not working for you anymore. As you journeyed through treatment, a lot changed in your life. How you chose to cope when you had an active addiction will probably look different from how you will cope sober. With those changes, you will notice aspects of your daily life that do not mesh with your current lifestyle choices.

Sometimes it can be hard to analyze aspects of your life. Change can be scary. Letting go of things and routines you are used to can be uncomfortable. If you are struggling to analyze what is and is not working in your life, reach out to your mental health professional. Knowing when to ask for help is a major aspect of leading a successful long-term recovery.

Question Your Attachments

Moving will help you to acknowledge what you are attached to. Do you have routines? Are they healthy? Everyone has attachments. It would be an issue of concern if you were not attached to anyone or anything. However, with major life changes, it is important to hit the pause button and look at what you are attaching yourself to. If your attachments do not align with your new lifestyle, then as you move, it would be a great opportunity to separate yourself from those attachments and make new ones more closely aligned to your lifestyle and goals.

Create Your Future 

You have the opportunity to create the future you have always dreamed about. Addiction took over your life. You made decisions with your substance of choice at the center of your thoughts. It probably consumed you and your relationships. Your future was being determined by your substance. When you sought help for your addiction, you chose to change your future. Now, as you journey through recovery, you have the ability to mold your life to fit exactly what you want.

As you move, you can determine and create your future. Where have you always wanted to live? Where have you always wanted to work or go to school? Take time to think about what you want your future to look like, and begin to work towards that goal.

Feeling of Starting Fresh

When you decide to move, you will immediately realize your ability to start fresh. You may feel as if you made poor decisions in the past. You may not like who you used to be when you were facing and battling an active addiction. You may not be proud of some of your choices, relationships, and decisions. Remember the journey you are on. You have worked so incredibly hard on your recovery and learning to understand your mental health better. You have made incredible progress towards the life you have always wanted. When you decide you want to relocate while in recovery, you are giving yourself the chance to begin that life exactly how you want, on your own terms.

Ability to Create Fresh Relationships 

When you faced an active addiction, you probably had many relationships connected to your substance of choice. Now that you are living a sober lifestyle, you may realize that some of those relationships are no longer healthy or safe for you to maintain. When you relocate after recovery, you have the ability to create new relationships that better fit the lifestyle you currently have. You can journey into society and try new things and connect with those who have similar thought processes and habits as you now currently hold. The relationships you hold can have an immense impact on your recovery and your overall well-being.

There are many different things you may decide to do once you have left treatment and started your long-term recovery journey. One such choice you may consider is relocating.  When you were experiencing an active addiction, you probably made choices that you now regret. A lot of your life probably looks different now that you are in recovery. When you relocate in recovery, you may realize that there are a lot of positive impacts you may experience. You will notice that you can make new relationships, start fresh, and make healthy and productive attachments. Here at The Guest House, we understand that recovery is a lifelong process. You do not need to face challenges alone. We are here to support you regardless of where you are in your recovery. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options and how we can support you along your journey of healing at (855) 483-7800.