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How Positive Thinking Can Help Us in Our Recovery

Those of us who have been working hard at our recovery, and those of us who are just starting out, can find ourselves feeling defeated and disheartened, at our lack of progress, at our repeat relapses, at the sheer level of overwhelm and deep depression we’re feeling all the time. We often let these very understandable emotions get the better of us and make us think in negative thought patterns, giving way to pessimism, cynicism, skepticism, catastrophizing, etc. When we allow ourselves to be negative without checking ourselves, when we’re not actively monitoring how we think and feel, we set ourselves up for worsened depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We might be more prone to relapsing because we’re using our drugs of choice to distract ourselves from how negative our thinking and self-talk have become. A positive attitude can change everything for us.

Positive Thinking Creates Positive Energy

When we intentionally practice thinking more positively, our positive thought patterns become our new way of thinking and that can impact everything in our lives from how we feel about ourselves, to how hopeful we feel about our recovery, from how we talk to people, to how we treat them. Our positive thinking contributes to a newfound positive energy, which makes us happier, more optimistic and more hopeful. Over time we develop more faith in ourselves and in our recovery. We become more confident that we can heal ourselves. Our positive energy informs how we operate and what kinds of choices we make. When we’re feeling positive, we’re more likely to make decisions from a healthy place, decisions that support our sobriety and keep us on track with our recovery goals.

The Toll Negativity Can Take

The more negative we are, the more likely we are to succumb to the very heavy weight of our depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We’re more likely to be filled with insecurity, self-hate and self-doubt, both in our recovery and in our daily lives. It’s very hard to stay sober when we’re in this place. Our drugs of choice become a welcome escape from the constant negativity we’re inflicting on our minds, hearts and spirits. When we commit to thinking more positively and creating a more positive energy for ourselves, through repeating positive affirmations, doing things we enjoy, being creative, and surrounding ourselves with positive people and subject matter, the sky is the limit for how happy we can become and for how much more easily we can recover. 

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