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Learning to be honest with yourself regardless of the situation is essential and beneficial to the recovery journey. You cannot grow if you are not honest. Often it can feel easier to push your difficult emotions down. Many people think that if you simply don’t acknowledge your struggles, they will go away. Sadly, that is just not the truth. Being honest with yourself in every situation you face will help you in the long run. 


Acknowledge the Good and the Bad


Try to acknowledge both the good and the bad situations you go through. If you only spend time analyzing the bad, you may fail to recognize and appreciate all of the good choices you make and the positive experiences you go through. Likewise, if you only think about good experiences, you may miss opportunities for growth.


Reflect on the Day


Reflecting on the day’s events at the end of the day can be a great experience. You can think about what went well and what you want to do differently next time. You are not in control of every situation you experience throughout the day. Reflect on what could have done better and what other choices were available to you. When you can analyze our problems, you can begin to look deeper into your struggles that may be below the surface. 


Avoid Overthinking


When you sit and think about the same things, situations, or events repeatedly, it can significantly affect your mental health. However, learning to be honest with yourself can help you let things go. When you overthink, you can start to question your choices, even the healthy ones; this can leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed. 


Admit Mistakes


When you make a mistake, admit it. We all make mistakes throughout life. Think of every path you go down as a lesson to learn and an experience to go through. Mistakes mean you are trying something new, learning something new, or stepping outside your comfort zone. 


Learning to be honest with yourself can, at times, be more difficult than learning to be honest with others. If you struggle with mental health issues or addiction, you may find yourself trying to push your struggles down so you won’t have to think about them or feel them. Try to acknowledge your feelings and your mistakes. Here at The Guest House, we know how complicated and overwhelming it can feel to work on your struggles and change your thought patterns. We are here to help. Call us today to learn more about how we can support you at (855) 483-7800.