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How to Break Away From a Trauma BondA trauma bond is when someone uses fear, excitement, and sexual feelings as a way to trap another person to stay with them. It is the cycle of being devalued only to be rewarded again and again. Once you realize you are in a traumatic bond with someone, you need to break that bond so you can be with people who love you and treat you right.

How You Know You Are in a Trauma-Bond

You may know that person is not right for you, but you stay with them out of fear. You feel a panic when they are not around, neglecting your loved ones. It is not love you are feeling, but an unhealthy bond to someone, often based on childhood trauma when all you knew was abuse.

You should also ask yourself if your abuser reminds you of a toxic parent or guardian. You may feel like if you can make it work with this person, you can spiritually heal the trauma you had in the past. Unfortunately, you will only be letting the cycle continue if you do not break free now.

Speak to a Therapist

Get a therapist who understands about abuse and trauma-bonding. As you explain what your relationship is like with your abuser to your therapist, you will be told whether or not this is a healthy relationship and what you should do if it is not. A good therapist will also teach you about the original traumas that made you vulnerable in the first place.

Lose Contact with Your Abuser

The quickest way to break free of a trauma-bond is by leaving this person. Cutting off your abuser entirely will end the cycle that was started from childhood trauma in the first place.

It may be hard for your mind to adjust to being away from your abuser at first, but after a few months, you will start feeling more stable and calm. If you cannot leave your abuser completely because you share children, make minimal contact.

Focus on Healthy Bonds

Focus on creating healthy bonds with others. It can include anything from seeing a therapist regularly to attending support groups for trauma survivors. Start small by going to therapy, owning a pet, volunteering, or anything else that can help you form healthy bonds. Breaking a trauma-bond is the best way to take abusers away from your life and let in your loved ones.

Eliminating an abusive person from your life can help you begin to heal. At The Guest House, we offer personalized care to help you along your path to wellness. Located in Silver Springs, FL outside the peaceful city of Ocala, The Guest House works with men and women over the age of 18 to treat addiction and mental illness caused by trauma. Our programs include breath work, equine therapy, art therapy, grief therapy, cinema therapy mindfulness, individualized and group therapy, and more. Call us today at (855) 876-3884 to learn more.