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Going to the dentist is one activity that makes many people anxious or fearful. Many of us detest the dentist for many different reasons. Some may find themselves riddled with fear at the thought of sitting down in that plastic chair and opening up their mouth. Others may become overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, unrealistic scenarios, or a strong desire to continue to put off appointments. Experiencing nervousness in situations that make you uncomfortable is normal and expected. Learning to understand and work through your fear will ultimately make you a stronger and more empowered person. Here are a few ideas to help you work through your fear of the dentist. 


Practice Physical Relaxation Techniques


Physical relaxation techniques can help you relax your body in a tense and nervous situation. When we can relax our bodies, we can then work on relaxing our minds. Breathing techniques and meditation are two techniques that can help. Steadying our breathing and finding our center can help us think clearly and work through what we fear in the situation.  


Try Distraction


Distraction may be another idea to help you get through your dental visit with ease. What you are having done during your visit may determine what distraction techniques you use. Think about your upcoming plans, the fun things you are doing over the weekend, or the different chores you need to get done. You could even try to make a mental list of everything you need to grab from the grocery store. Districting your thoughts can help you to stop thinking about unrealistic scenarios.  


Take Time to Prepare 


For some of us, preparation is the key to success. Many people ultimately fear the dentist because of the unknown factor that comes along with it. Will they find anything wrong with my teeth? What are they going to do during my visit? Is anything going to hurt? When we do not know what to expect, our minds begin to race. Prepare yourself by finding out what will happen during your visit, what to expect, and if you can do anything to prepare. 


Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-ridden activity. Many people dislike the dentist so much that appointments go unfilled or ultimately get canceled. Feeling fearful in different situations is perfectly normal. However, when a fear affects our ability to follow through on a necessary activity, we may want to work on that fear. Some individuals may conquer their fear of the dentist with physical distractions, preparation, or relaxation techniques. If we are experiencing mental health challenges, addiction, or trauma and experience fear, it can become overwhelming. Here at The Guest House, we are professionals with extensive experience helping individuals work through challenging situations just like this. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options and how we can support you at (855) 483-7800.