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For many individuals, finding employment is one of their primary goals after going through treatment. There are many different reasons why someone would be looking for employment after treatment. Some may have struggled to hold down a job while facing active addiction, while others may find that their current employment is a hazard to their sobriety and goals. Whatever your reason may be, finding a new job after treatment can be a positive and beneficial experience. As you continue on your journey of recovery and sobriety, here are a few different tips to keep in mind. 


Set Realistic Expectations


Searching for employment can sometimes be a little stressful. As you are searching online, you may stumble upon excellent jobs you would love, but maybe you are not currently qualified or ready for these positions. Have realistic expectations as you search. Remember that looking for employment takes time. You will probably not find a job and get hired right away. Be patient and remember that everything in life is a process. 


Maintaining realistic expectations is very important during recovery. Having realistic expectations can help us to remain on track with our goals and manage our mental health. When we can realistically plan for the future, we can prepare ourselves to better handle expectations and situations. 


Structure Can Be Beneficial


Be mindful of the jobs that you are applying for. You worked extremely hard on your sobriety and your mental health issues, and maintaining those should be considered when making big choices. Many individuals who have experienced addiction find that highly stressful jobs and those without much structure or routine can be hard to handle. 


Finding the right balance in your life after treatment is something that comes with time. Finding a job that benefits your lifestyle and mental health is critical. We spend so much of our time at our jobs that it could be detrimental to our hard work in achieving sobriety if our job does not mesh well with what we emotionally and physically need. 


Reach Out to Mentors for Support and Advice


Mentors and coaches are amazing assets to have as you journey through recovery. Being connected with someone who has gone through what you are going through can help you feel less alone and more capable of reaching your goals.


Having a recovery coach who has experienced addiction and a sober lifestyle can give you someone to turn to when you have tough questions. What worked for them after recovery? Did they struggle to find a job or housing? How did they handle stigma, stress, and new relationships? While it is imperative to continue working with a mental health professional in some capacity, having a person who has experienced what you are going through can be powerful and provide you with insight into your present situation. 


Find Your Passions


Addiction can be a powerful force. It probably consumed your life, relationships, and everything about you. After some time, you probably even forgot what you enjoyed, who you liked to spend time with, and your goals for the future. Now that you have worked hard and are leading a sober lifestyle, it is time to rediscover yourself. Take some time to explore new activities and rediscover those that you used to enjoy. 


When it comes to employment, it is essential for your mental health to do something you enjoy. Try to discover work you enjoy and think about what path you want to go down. Maybe you are already working in the field that you want. Others may find going to college to get a specific degree to be the best route to take. Just because you cannot get the job of your dreams at this very moment does not mean it is not in your future. Figure out how to get where you want to be and put the work in to get there. You have already proven to yourself how capable you are of accomplishing what you set out to do, even if your goal is challenging to attain. 


Continue With Therapy


Finding a job can be stressful. It can feel overwhelming trying to decide what you want to do with your life, what path you should take, or who you should listen to for advice. Continuing in therapy in some capacity is vital for most people after working through an addiction. Your triggers can change just like you change. It is unrealistic to think you will never be stressed or anxious, face risky decisions, or have fights with those you love. All of these situations can place pressure on your sobriety and your mental health. Continue to work with a professional to better prepare for these moments.


Finding employment after treatment can be a stressful event. Everyone is on their own journey and will have different reasons for seeking out a new job. Whatever your reason might be, try to discover what you really want to do as a career. What are you passionate about? Even if it takes years to get to your dream job, creating goals and steps to get there is an excellent and productive thing to do. Continuing with therapy in some capacity will help you talk through these difficult and big life decisions. We all need support sometimes. If you have faced addiction and mental health challenges, you may find it challenging to make these big life choices; that is perfectly normal. Here at The Guest House, we understand that everyone is on their own unique journey to healing. We are here to support and help you regardless of where you are in the recovery process. Call us today to learn more at (855) 483-7800.