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How To Relax During Hurricane Season

Summer in Florida is stressful for a few reasons. First, the humidity is survivable at best, intolerable at worst. No matter how many summers you spend in America’s peninsula, the humidity is a shock factor every year. With high heat temperatures and high humidity percentages, summer in the South can make it feel like walking and talking is the most strenuous exercise of your life. Second, thunderstorms interrupt the day just about every day, in the late afternoon. Around three o’clock p.m. you can watch darkness spread across the sky as the clouds roll in, waiting to dump thick sheets of rain and drop off copious amounts of thunder and lightning. Everyday can feel like a mini hurricane, yet the looming threat of hurricanes is real from June through to October.

Hurricanes have been linked to trauma in many ways. Simply getting through a hurricane can be a traumatizing effort, particularly when a hurricane is a high category of severity. Surviving an especially dangerous, damaging hurricane can cause symptoms of PTSD to manifest. Problematically, hurricanes are unpredictable and can change quickly. Additionally, hurricanes can come on quite quickly or take their time to develop. Uncertainty and constantly having to live in a fight or flight state in order to take action makes relaxing during Florida season quite difficult.

Be Prepared Ahead Of Time

One of the greatest stressors of hurricane season is the prospect of having to frantically rush about town among the masses to collect supplies in preparation for an oncoming hurricane. Supplies sell out quickly once a hurricane is categorized and announced to make landfall. Not finding supplies is stressful in a very innate way- you need supplies to survive a hurricane. If you are living in trauma recovery, you know that creating safety is a priority in your life. Being prepared for a hurricane ahead of time creates the sense of security and safety you need to wade confidently into the eye of the storm. Buy all of the supplies you need for every kind of emergency, including electricity outages. Batteries, water, battery operated technology, non-perishable food items, and ways to cook on gasoline are highly recommended.

Don’t Forget Self-Care

Your hurricane preparedness kit should include self-care. Hurricanes can create many hours of sitting and waiting inside as the storm passes. Prepare yourself to have self-care items you need which make sense for a hurricane. Buy extra essential oils, coloring activities, download meditations, movies, and music, buy external chargers, and everything else you will need. We will discuss self-care during hurricanes in an upcoming blog.

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