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How Trauma Changes Our Perception Of The World

Defining reality and the idea of truth has been the mission and perplexity of philosophy since such inquiries started taking place. There are innumerable schools of philosophical thought which all take different perspective on the idea of the truth. Some believe there is an Absolute truth which cannot be argued. Others believe that our concepts of what is the truth or makes up the truth are entirely subjective and created by our personal perceptions. Neither have been proven to be the truth, and both are truthful to some extent.

When trauma becomes part of someone’s reality, everything about both their Absolute truths and their subjective truths are instantaneously, as well as radically, altered. After a mass violence event we often hear witnesses or those left behind by loved ones lost share a similar sentiment about never believing that such a thing could happen to them. Now, they emphasize, they know what it is like. Even when we are aware that a certain kind of trauma exists in the world, even when we have the most empathetic mindset or compassionate heart, we cannot fully understand what it is like to live in the reality of those shoes until we are fully stepped in them ourselves. What we imagine, what we do our best to imagine, will never be the same as what we actually live. Then, if for some unfortunate reason we have to live through trauma, our lives will never be the same and we realize that living through it is far different than we ever could have imagined.

Trauma is the unexpected, the uncontrollable, the unpredictable, and the unchangeable. Once trauma has happened in our lives, we cannot go back and change it. The timeline of our existence is permanently impacted and that impact has an effect on how we see the world. Everything we have known to be the truth about our lives changes and we now know darker realities of human existence to also be true, we now know pain to be true.

With treatment and recovery specifically focused on trauma, we can come to change the truth of our lives yet again. Rather than be defined by trauma, we come to be defined by our recovery from trauma. We’re aware of more truths the longer we stick to the path of our recovery: that we can recover, we do recover, and recovery is always possible. That’s the truth.

You can walk through your trauma. The Guest House Ocala offers residential treatment programming for trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Call us today for information on our customized programs and availability: 1-855-483-7800