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How Will This Summer Be Different Now That You Are Sober

Every summer for you, up to this point, has included drinking and using on vacations, weekend barbeques, and poolside. After all, isn’t that what summer is all about? When you are trying to recover, however, your summer should be all about, well, staying sober. You can still do all the same activities you had planned. You only have to be more thoughtful about where you go and who you are going to be around beforehand to protect your sobriety at all costs.

Do I Have a Reason to Be There?

First and foremost, you have to ask yourself what your real intention is to be there. If you are not stable in your recovery program, you could find yourself slipping with drugs and alcohol if you are around them. You may love going to baseball games, for example, but if your main objective is to drink beer, you may need to sit the game out. Check your motives before you go. When you are strong enough to resist the urge to drink, you will be back in the stands before you know it.

Do I Have an Exit Plan in Place?

You may be invited to some parties this summer and wonder if you will make it through sober. Honestly, if you are prepared, you can do anything. You just need to make sure you are square on a few things. Let your sponsor know what you are up to so they can give you some feedback and be better prepared to answer your phone call if you need them. Plus, you need to put together an exit plan before each event. Have another activity planned to excuse yourself whenever you start to feel uncomfortable around people drinking or using. There is no obligation to stay anywhere your sobriety might be jeopardized.

Do I Have Other Options?

You might need to really weigh out your options and do something different than what you are used to. Rather than attending events or activities where drugs and alcohol are prevalent, you can look for other sober endeavors to check out. Host a sober barbeque. Choose a vacation that does not revolve entirely around drinking and using. Hang out with sober people at the pool. There are plenty of ways to have fun this summer. You just need to figure out which of these will work best for you. Choose wisely, and you will find yourself enjoying the best summer ever to get you ready for seasons to come.

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