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But you weren’t hit. This is an argument people who have experience emotional abuse hear all the time, particularly from their abuser. How could you say I abused you? I never hit you. The remark itself creeps up the spine and raises hair on the arms. Insidious and deceitful, such remarks are a hallmark of abuse. Emotional abuse is different from physical abuse. Words, threats, manipulations, control, brainwashing, and other mental, verbal, emotional, and psychological approaches all encompass emotional abuse. Research using brain imaging has found that emotional pain- like that caused by emotional abuse or social pain- is as real as physical pain and happens in the brain in a nearly identical manner. Though the bruises may not be visible, the damage is deep. Emotional abuse can create a lifetime effect centered in feelings of unworthiness, undeservedness, and low self-esteem.

Working to recover from the trauma caused by emotional abuse should involve a copious amount of self-care. Whereas someone in your life did not care for you in a way that was psychologically, physically, emotionally, or spiritually fulfilling, you can learn to fulfill your own life in numerous ways. Self-care is how you learn to nurture yourself in the way you need to be nurtured- the way you always needed to be nurtured. Learning to love yourself is one of the greatest tools against reprogramming the harmful messages created by emotional abuse. Self-care is the way you learn to love yourself again and take care of yourself in a compassionate way.

Learn how to self-care physically

Everyone takes care of their physical body in different ways. Whether it is running, yoga, massage work, acupuncture, weight lifting, adventure therapy, surfing, swimming in natural springs- you will discover the way that your body needs to be taken care of. When you’re mind is running with difficult thoughts, connecting to your body is the perfect way to get out of your mind.

Learn how to self-care mentally

Therapy is a form of self-care. Going to a treatment program to overcome the effects of emotional abuse is a form of self-care. Reading books, journaling, talking to a friend, meditation and mindfulness are all forms of mental self-care.

Learn how to self-care spiritually

Only you can define your spirituality and how you care for yourself through that spiritual medium. You might find yourself identifying with a religion and choosing to dive into the practices of that religion. Spirituality may come to you in the form of meditation or nature. Spiritual self-care is where you connect yourself to something greater than yourself and your life for hope, faith, and direction.

There is hope for overcoming the effects of trauma. Help is available. The Guest House Ocala is here to provide you with the highest privacy and luxury for residential treatment to recover from trauma, addictions, and related issues.

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