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imagining your recoveryHumans have the power of imagination. This power can be handy when you are in recovery.

You have to know how to harness the power of imagination, though. Without this power, your recovery can be lacking.

The Guest House uses many methods to help you imagine your recovery. Continue reading for more information!


The Power of Imagination

Your imagination can work wonders. You can take a mental picture of something in front of you, break it down in your mind, and rebuild it into something else later.

For example, if you have seen a photo of a cartoon alien, you will most likely remember it. You also know what a bike looks like.

Now, can you imagine an alien riding a bike? You can probably envision that even though you have never actually seen it. This is the power of your imagination!


Imagination in Your Recovery

Now, let’s think of our recovery. If you have dealt with substance use, you can use the power of imagination to aid in your recovery.

If you want to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs, you can! With a little help, we can help get you started with a program that works for you. But for now, let’s imagine what life would be like in recovery.


Our brains can mirror things we see others do. When you first started drinking alcohol or using drugs, you probably saw your friends use them.

Then, you probably imagined what you would be like if you used. Would you be more fun if you drank? Would you be more relaxed if you smoke? These are all things that come into play. 


Now that you want to stop using, let’s imagine what your recovery could be like.

Would you be more alert during family gatherings without alcohol in your system? Would you be more energetic without drugs?

You might even find that you are more fun and more relaxed without substances at a family gathering. Now, take a look at members of your family who don’t use substances. How can you mirror their good behavior in your own recovery?

This is called “theory of mind.” What can happen to others — happiness through sobriety — can happen to you. All it takes is a little imagination and a bit of hard work. You’ve got this!


The Guest House is here to help you throughout your recovery. We can help you imagine what your life will be like. We can prove to you what your life will be like.

Call us today at 855-483-7800. We can’t wait to speak with you!