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Is Love Really Necessary in Recovery“We will love you until you love yourself,” they said. You were baffled how this could even be possible. How could someone love you after every shameful thing you did and when you are not capable of loving anyone, including yourself? Recovery meetings are places where people can join a motley crew of people who want to get sober and seek the solution together. The language of the heart becomes essential in recovery, which is something that everyone shares when they experience love and tolerance as their code.

Love Is Healing

You may not be able to accept love right away. However, allowing people to love you will provide the support, encouragement, and confidence you need to stay sober. Love is an action that creates healing for someone who may believe they are unworthy of anything due to their past. In this present moment, you are worth all of the love in the world. Love offers a connection and an energy that is unimaginable until you experience it. Then, healing can take place by living in the love that is being provided to you in recovery.

Love Brings Unity

When you experience love, you become invested and bonded to others without having to try. The camaraderie among recovering addicts starts with relating to one another. Then, this camaraderie evolves into wanting to help each other stay sober. This type of unconditional love can be a huge factor in the longevity of sobriety. The support you get from others in recovery who understand your plight will be instrumental in helping to generate love for yourself.

Love Is Innate

You were born with love, and fear is something that you learned over time. As you are reborn into your recovery, loving others will become a part of life when you begin to see the importance of self-love through your 12-Step work and therapy. Peeling back the layers of the shame and guilt from your addiction will serve you well and open up the channels of love that may have been lacking.

Whether you feel burned by love or never felt loved at all, you can feel the love of recovery if you allow yourself to. Give it some time. You will be able to see the usefulness of love through forgiveness, surrender, and joy.

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