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Empaths are an extraordinary type of person. They have exceptional intuition and can sense what others around them are feeling. This can feel like a superpower, but at the same time, it can also be damaging.

Others may see them as a source for strength, but don’t realize that the empath is taking on people’s feelings and pain at their own expense. It may make you wonder if being an empath is truly a privilege or a burden.


Helping Others Is Good!

The ability to make others feel safe and comfortable enough to open up is incredible. Empaths can relate to the people around them on a level far beyond the average person. When people come to us with their struggles we are able to comprehend and even feel their same level of pain.

This makes empaths great at offering advice because it can be so accurate and specific to the situation at hand, as they can understand exactly how you feel. At the same time, empaths have unrivaled instincts! Feeling so deeply, they pick up on vibrational changes that others may not register.

During a typical conversation with a friend who appears to be happy, an empath may read that something is off or different. Their ability to pick up on or notice things is immaculate, so they may see that their friend is actually upset about something or struggling.

They can help you feel secure enough to talk about what’s going on, and be very compassionate supporters. Such attention to detail makes them aware of even the slightest change you make. If you get a new haircut and others don’t notice, leave it to an empath to compliment you right away! 


Exhausting Yourself Is Not so Good! 

Often empaths will also find themselves exhausted in social situations. Being surrounded by so many people can be draining, as they are feeling many different vibrations at one time. Another concern for an empath is an overwhelming sense of pain taken in from others.

If someone close to them like a family member, significant other, or roommate is holding a lot of pain, the empath can absorb a lot of it. The person could be venting or asking for advice, or even just giving off a sense of sadness, grief, or anger.

An empath picks up on this and is heavily affected by it. Sometimes, an empathetic person will grasp a feeling from a vibration around them and not understand why. Unfortunately, empaths typically attract people with negative energy or those who have issues they need to deal with.

Due to the understanding nature of an empath, these kinds of people take advantage of their ability to relate. The emotions of others are reflected in the empath, and this makes managing your own emotions very difficult. It can be hard to distinguish between which feelings are yours, and which you have taken on from people around you.

This can be very tiring and painful, making an empath struggle to take care of themselves in a healthy way. It’s important for an empath to set boundaries for themselves so that they can practice self-care and maintain balance. 


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