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Perfectionism can affect every aspect of life for some people. When we feel the need to be perfect, we tend to become consumed with anxiety, worry, and stress. While we are all unique and face unique challenges, many who suffer from perfectionism tend to experience some procrastination at times as well. 


Fear of Failure


When we have something that we need to do, and we fear failure, many of us try to push those activities off. We do not want to fail. If you struggle with perfectionism, you most likely fear failure. Try to analyze situations and see the possibility of success and growth. 


Unrealistic Expectations


Holding yourself to high standards can be a good thing. High standards can help push you towards your goals and towards meeting challenges. However, when our expectations are unrealistic, we can experience stress and anxiety. We may find ourselves procrastinating on projects, goals, and activities because we feel we are not good enough. Keep your expectations realistic. Try not to focus on other people’s journeys and accomplishments or fixate on the images of perfection presented by social media. 


Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Perfectionism often stifles growth because we are worried about not excelling or being the best at something. Breaking free of this thought process can be difficult. Try to stay in the moment, remember your goals, and believe in your potential to excel and succeed at new things. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone.


Accept Support


Some individuals may overlook perfectionism and may not even realize when they are displaying signs of perfectionism. Accept support and help from those around you that you trust. Talk with them about your struggles, and let them give you advice from an outside perspective. You may not even realize how your procrastination and perfectionism are intertwined and linked together. 


If you struggle with perfectionism, you may notice that it impacts many different areas of your life. If you also struggle with procrastination, you may be surprised how linked together they may be. If you struggle to understand what you are feeling or how to work through your struggles, know you are not alone. Here at The Guest House, we understand how overwhelming it can feel taking that first step to ask for help. We have helped many people just like you learn the skills they need to solve and work through their problems. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options and how we can support you at (855) 483-7800.