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Learning to Control Our Thoughts

If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

The Mental Anguish We Experience

When we struggle with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks, we can feel totally dominated and overpowered by our thoughts. Our painful thoughts and emotions, our sadness, fear, anger and shame, can become debilitating and paralyzing to us, and we can find them completely overtaking our lives. We obsess about the different painful things in our lives but feel as though we can’t stop our minds from dwelling on them, replaying them over and over again, haunting us and making us feel trapped in our own minds. We panic about all kinds of things, both large and significant, and small and seemingly meaningless. We feel as though we have no recourse against our minds, and our inability to control our thinking can be terrifying, leading us to contemplate suicide. We start to think that ending our lives is the only way to get any relief from the constant pain of living in our minds. Helping ourselves heal from our painful mental and emotional health challenges is one of the most important reasons behind learning to control our thoughts.

We’re Not Powerless Over Our Minds After All

The more we develop mindfulness, through meditation and other practices, the more we experience firsthand our innate ability to direct our thoughts in any way we choose. It can be as simple as purposefully and intentionally thinking certain thoughts, the ones we want to think, rather than trying to stop ourselves from thinking the ones we don’t want to think. It can be as straightforward as applying our energy consciously to the behaviors, emotions and thought processes we want to experience instead of the ones we don’t. This concept is really powerful because it allows us to direct the flow of our energy towards whatever we want, rather than assuming we’re powerless over our thoughts as so many of us tend to do.

Directing Our Energy to Manifest What We Want

What we think about, what we give our energy to, and what we apply ourselves to can determine what we attract and manifest in our lives. Once we learn to apply the practice of mindfulness to our thought patterns, we discover the power to control our thoughts, to change our behaviors, to direct our flow of energy, and to manifest the lives we want for ourselves. This can make all the difference in our struggles with mental health, particularly with our depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, because we come to discover that we can consciously and intentionally apply our energy to practicing thoughts of calm, joy, peace and fulfillment. We can focus on cultivating an energy of health and wellness within ourselves. We can focus on growing what we love about ourselves and our lives, what we want to accomplish, and the happy future we envision for ourselves.

At The Guest House Ocala, our recovery programs include many experiential modalities including traditional therapy, conscious connected breathwork, equine therapy, somatic experiencing, art in healing, grief therapy, mindfulness and other forms of therapy.

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