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Parenting was once considered something we simply had to endure. Dysfunctional parenting wasn’t considered a problem until there was a physical altercation. Just as psychological professionals increasingly realized that trauma and PTSD were not exclusive to war veterans, there has been a realization that not all abuse is physical. Brain imaging studies have found that the brain reacts to emotional pain in almost the same way it reacts to physical pain. The emotional distress caused by dysfunctional parenting is real, can be seen as abusive, and leaves lasting effects. People who have lived with abusive, dysfunctional parenting in their lives often assume blame for everything, learn to suffocate their own needs, have dysfunctional relationships of their own, or are completely counter dependent.

Inner child work can be a critical part of therapy and treatment when working to overcome the pain of dysfunctional parenting. Children have very simple needs when it comes to their parents. They need to be loved, they need to be given affection, and they need to be supported, unconditionally. Most often, dysfunctional parenting creates conditions around these needs and a child has to work to be loved and taken care of. Feeling unsafe, insecure, and developing low self-esteem, dysfunctional parenting takes a serious toll.

As a child grows up, they are challenged to grow up their lost child-selves. Therapy and treatment for trauma includes numerous therapies and healing modalities which helps young adults and grown adults reconnect with their inner selves and develop a loving, parenting relationship with themselves.

First, work has to be done to acknowledge and accept the fact that the parenting a child received was dysfunctional. Second, there is a need to cycle through grief, which can include profound sadness, irreconcilable anger, and other strong emotions. Treatment helps create safe and healthy outlets for these powerful emotions through journaling, narrative therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and various art therapies for creative expression, as well as physical activity. Additionally, treatment provides holistic healing through healing touch and healing practices which can help provide feelings of unconditional love, compassion, and care. Lastly, work is done on creating an ideal parent in oneself, instead of hoping for a dysfunctional parent to suddenly change. Creating the kind of loving relationship of care one needs with the self, there is no more need to be reliant on having those needs fulfilled by a parent who cannot fulfill them.

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