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Librium is a medication people use but carries the risk of addiction. Librium addiction can interfere with personal and professional lives because it runs the risk of causing severe symptoms. Treatment is needed to cope with withdrawal. It is most effective when used in a professional treatment facility under the guidance of supportive staff who understand the risks. Withdrawal should be treated seriously and with intention. Find out how to navigate the challenges of Librium addiction and seek help. 

What is Librium

The drug Librium is known as chlordiazepoxide because it helps people manage withdrawal from alcohol. It is a drug that supports people in their time of need, but it also comes with certain risks. People often start taking Librium more than prescribed because they don’t feel the effects. This means tolerance is building. Librium addiction can cloud judgment and create challenges for performance. The key is to staying clean so that the withdrawal process is a safe one.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Librium is a benzo. This means it is used to treat things like anxiety, but it inhibits the GABA effects in the brain. The brain becomes more calm with use. Sudden deprivation of Librium, even when taken by prescription, can cause some serious side effects and physical and emotional symptoms that may last for several weeks. This includes tremors, insomnia, headache, inability to concentrate, and more serious issues like panic attacks, seizures, and psychotic episodes. 

Coping with Withdrawal

When looking to cope with withdrawal from Librium, it helps to withdraw gradually. This is known as tapering off. This helps to recover, balance things out in the body, and find a safe way to get the drugs out of the system.  

Finding support to ease the detox process is not easy, but there is support available. After the physical symptoms of withdrawal pass by, therapy can begin. This means a safe, sheltered environment where you can address the issues that lie under the addiction and start to figure out how to change some things for the better. Once the brain and body have time to detox, it is then time to start working towards healing the relationships with others and build a new life. There is no one way to do treatment, you may benefit from learning techniques for relaxation or yoga. You may learn how to recognize signs of relapse coming your way. There are support groups out there to help you stay clean. It is not an easy road, but it is available for those who desire to give it a try. With enough support, anything is possible. 

The Guest House believes it is important to focus on recovery first. When you focus on doing that, you are putting yourself above addiction and determining how you want to call the shots. We are here to help you take that first step towards putting addiction behind you. Call us to find out more: 855-483-7800.