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Substance abuse recovery requires trying again

Do you have a tendency to equate failing with a painful ending or a mistake? Sadly, this kind of thinking will set you up to view yourself in a negative way and diminishes your self-esteem. The idea of failure should not be viewed as something negative; instead, failure should be seen as a new beginning.

Learn From Your Failure

In life and recovery, setbacks are inevitable. Although, it is how you move forward after a setback that is important. To overcome negative thoughts associated with failure, you must understand that failure does not stifle success; it allows success to happen.

Focus On Your Feelings

Focusing on your feelings when you fail allows you to sort them out and have the motivation to do better next time. Use past failures to make a new to-do list with success and recovery in mind. Such a list might include:

  • Do not blame anyone else for the relapse; take responsibility
  • Forgive yourself, recovery is very hard work, and failure happens
  • Put your recovery first
  • Revise your recovery plan to include ways to avoid making the same mistake
  • Have an experienced recovery peer-review your recovery plan

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals and honoring each success in recovery, no matter how small, will help build self-esteem and self-confidence. Some things you should incorporate when setting goals include:

  • Acknowledge and find strategies to deal with cravings
  • Make a careful routine and follow it
  • Seek peer support
  • Give back and help
  • Find coping skills for trauma and stress
  • Banish shame and guilt

Live a Healthy Life and Achieve Success

Your recovery should always come first, which means your health should always come first. In addition to creating goals to work through failure, lifestyle changes will also help. Some changes could include:

  • Having a diet and exercise routine
  • Eliminating stress and learning new ways to cope with stress
  • Having a healthy sleep routine, so you remain well-rested
  • Continuing to grow peer and professional support

Do not allow failure to derail your resilience and commitment.

Setbacks are a part of life and recovery. If you feel that you have failed, learning how to move off of this belief and get back on the road to recovery is key and The Guest House can help. Our team can work with you to help you learn how to move past setbacks, set realistic goals, and renew your commitment to recovery.  If you are currently in need of help, do not wait. Reach out for help now and call (855) 483-7800