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Maintaining Our Sobriety During COVID-19

With the current events occurring worldwide, you may be feeling anxious about how to stay active in your sobriety. There is a substantial amount of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus.

The efforts of social distancing have been put in place to protect us from contracting the virus, as well as from spreading it to those around us. Even though we understand how important it is for us to comply with these measures, and to stay at our homes, we may also be worried that it puts a strain on our recovery.

We cannot come together in person to have our regularly scheduled meetings or go out in fellowship with others in recovery after those meetings. We may feel more trapped than relaxed with all the time spent in our homes.

Getting together with our sponsors or sponsees can’t happen in person for the time being, and this can also be anxiety-provoking. During this pandemic, we as alcoholics and addicts need to stick together more than ever before.

Luckily, many have stepped up to be leaders in this time, and have provided options in this time of confusion. Our recovery can and will continue, and here are some of the ways you can maintain your sobriety, even while social distancing. 

Online Meetings

Many regularly scheduled meetings, and even more new meetings, are being held online. Most of them are using Zoom, a phone app and a website designed for hosting online business meetings.

If you have not yet heard of any of these meetings or the times they are being held, reach out to some of your friends in your program. They will be able to send you direct links or even add you to the many Facebook groups that are being created to make alcoholics and addicts aware of the old meetings that are continuing to run and new ones that are being created.

Take advantage of this opportunity! It’s a wonderful way to stay connected with your friends in recovery, as well as to make new ones. Since the meeting is hosted online, alcoholics and addicts from anywhere in your state or in the country can join, and you can hear the experience, strength, and hope of some brand new faces.

You can even make some new friends this way! It’s also a fantastic outlet to relate to others with similar fears and anxiety that you are experiencing during this time. The people that you lean on during difficult times in recovery are the same people that you can depend on now. They might need it just as much as you do. 


Keep Calling Your Sponsor, Sponsees, and Friends

Your support system needs you during this time just as much as you need them. It’s okay to reach out to friends, family, and recovery peers when you need some advice or encouragement.

Social distancing doesn’t have to stop us from being social! Talking with the people who support you can lift your spirits and remind you that recovery can be continued even in isolation.

When you have feelings of irritability, restlessness, or discontent, rely on the same people you would at meetings or in sponsorship. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and take their suggestions.

If another alcoholic or addict reaches out to you, extend your knowledge and be a resource for them. One of the pillars in recovery is being of service.

In these chaotic times, you can fulfill this responsibility by lending your ear, taking a bit of time, and helping those in recovery find relief. They may be feeling the same uncertainty and anxiety as you are.

Our recovery community is dependent on our unity. We all need each other to survive and stay sober.

The history of recovery proves that we are strongest when we work together and support one another. Just because we cannot physically be together doesn’t mean that our fellowship disappears. Be of support to others, and allow others to support you. 


Your connection with your Higher Power is always crucial during difficult times. Now, more than ever is a great time to turn your will over and reach out in prayer.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many of us feeling powerless and unsettled. We are searching for answers, struggling with feeling paralyzed and living in fear.

As another pillar of recovery, use this opportunity to find strength from your Higher Power. Continue to ask for guidance and the willingness to do the next right thing.

Prayer can give us direction in understanding and learning how to accept that we cannot change the circumstances, and realize that we can only work on managing ourselves.

It’s not always easy. Acceptance of the situation can be hard to achieve. However, just as we found at the start of our recovery, it is a practice that we must work on constantly. We accomplish that through prayer and meditation on a daily basis.

Take some time every day to reach out to your Higher Power and you will find a sense of peace, balance, and relief that will keep you moving forward during this time. 


A pandemic is not something that we can anticipate or prepare for. You are not alone if you are feeling anxious and afraid throughout social distancing and isolation.

We are so lucky to be involved in such a strong community that was created with the intention to support one another. As alcoholics and addicts, we may have even greater access to the survival tools that are needed to get through this.

Our guidelines for living a healthy and happy life, the pillars of our recovery, and our sense of community are such powerful assets. We relied on them before the pandemic, and we should continue to rely on them now.

If you have been sober for a period of time, think back to the beginning of your sobriety. The emotions you felt may be similar to the ones arising from the current events in the world such as fear, uncertainty, powerlessness, restlessness.

You were taught the ways to find a more satisfying life through the journey of recovery. Use those skills in the same way now, depending upon their strength. You will get through this. Your sobriety can continue, even strengthen if you keep doing what you know works. 


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