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Becoming sober can come with the assumption that you do not have a leg to stand on with loved ones because you need to make up for all the mistakes you made due to drugs and alcohol. While there may be some truth to the idea that you need to have accountability, you still need to maintain relationships by setting healthy boundaries. You may have caused some mistrust and some adversity in the past, but you still need to be strong in who you are becoming. There is no need to crawl on your knees before others in acts of penance. Instead, you should set boundaries that will carry depth and weight in your relationships and your recovery. 

Be Honest About What You Need

As long as you are acting within reason, you should set boundaries that are important to you. Instead of being afraid of what you need, be honest and open with others about what your boundaries entail. Getting clear in your boundaries is about becoming comfortable enough to say what is and is not okay for you. If you are not aware of what you need, you may end up finding yourself reaching for drugs and alcohol.  

Be Aware of Your Feelings

Your boundaries are meant to give you emotional sobriety. When you are upholding your boundaries, you are teaching others how to treat you. On the other hand, you are also taking responsibility for your own emotions and actions without expecting others to take responsibility for theirs. Boundaries mean staying in your lane without blaming others.  

Be Ready to Stand up for Your Belief 

If you are expecting others to stand up for you, you could find yourself waiting for a while. You must take the lead in standing up for your beliefs to build confidence, emotional sobriety, and self-esteem in your recovery. Take charge of setting boundaries when you are trying to do the right thing for yourself, but not because you are obligated to make someone else happy or fear the consequences if you do not. 

Boundaries are an important part of a relationship because they are a sign of mutual respect when upheld. Support is an essential part of recovery because you will need encouragement and edification to get through the challenges. Boundaries will start the ball rolling for healthier relationships and to gain the reinforcement you need to show that you are doing the right thing by staying sober. 


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