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We’re Finally Seeing Things Clearly

Many of us in recovery can pinpoint the turning point in our lives when everything changed for us. We can identify a moment in time, or a specific experience, that drastically altered the course of our addiction story. When we reach this turning point, we find ourselves at a crossroads in our lives. We realize we have the option to either start making important changes or to continue suffering. We may have relapsed repeatedly. We may feel all hope is lost. We’ve gotten to the point where we know that our lives depend on our getting sober. We’ve lost our jobs, friends, partners, and families. We feel more alone than ever. We realize that being truly happy, really recovering, depends on us staying sober, because we know how bad it gets when we drink, or get high, or use whatever addictive substance or behavior we’re dependent on. We can see how much our lives have been impacted by our drug of choice. We’re finally seeing things clearly. We’re finally being honest with ourselves. We’re admitting to ourselves that our lives have been nearly destroyed by addiction. We know that when we use, we often turn into another person entirely. It’s a sad and lonely place, and once we reach this important turning point, we realize we don’t ever want to let ourselves get back there.

We’re Hit With Fear

Sometimes when we reach this turning point, we can be filled with fear – fear that we won’t make the right choice, that we’ll regret our decisions, that our past mistakes will continue to haunt us. We’re afraid of taking the steps to begin the recovery process, in part because we’re afraid of failing, but at the same time, we’re also afraid of staying stuck in our addictions. We’re afraid of becoming complacent within our addictions and the lifestyles we’ve created around them. We’re afraid we’ll be struggling for the rest of our lives.

Using Our Fear as Motivation

We can approach this turning point differently, and instead of allowing ourselves to be held back by our fear, we can use our fear as a motivating force. Let’s allow all the fear, worry, and self-doubt we’re feeling to propel us forward. Our fear is powerful, and it can either push us forward or cause us to continue to self-sabotage. Let’s let all the fear we feel at this important turning point drive us to make the healthiest possible choices for ourselves, to stop self-destructing, to finally prioritize our healing. Let’s continue to affirm, uplift and encourage ourselves. The more self-empowered we feel in confronting our fears, the more likely we are to do what’s best for ourselves at this important turning point in our lives.

At The Guest House Ocala, our experience with addiction and recovery makes us uniquely equipped to be able to understand the struggles you’re experiencing.

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