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positive self-talkThe way we treat ourselves is directly linked to our self-esteem and our interactions with others, in every area of our life. Our past experiences, trauma, and mental health issues could have negatively affected our inner narrative. We may discipline ourselves when we make a mistake. Feelings of being unworthy or unlovable can cultivate through negative self-talk. Telling ourselves that we are not good enough or other harmful mantras can be a tough habit to break. Flipping the pessimistic way we speak to ourselves is an exercise that takes time and compassion. Once we start to reverse this habit, we will find that our confidence and self-esteem grow immensely. Positive self-talk promotes happiness, hope, and health. It is so essential to a fulfilling life, and simultaneously, it can also be one of the most difficult things to cultivate. Add some of these phrases to your inner monologue to begin the wonderful practice of self-love!

Change Can’t to Can

Telling yourself you can’t do something is damaging to your ambition and self-esteem. Out of habit, we believe that we cannot do something simply because we tell ourselves that we can’t. 

When you catch yourself saying you can’t do anything right, try changing to saying that next time you will do better. Remind yourself that you are learning and getting better every day. No one is perfect. You are doing your best. All of these are ways to reverse the negative words you use for yourself and begin to make them positive. 

Change Never to Possible

If you have thought to yourself there is no way anyone will love me, no way I can accomplish this task, no way I can get through this, your actions and emotions will reflect that. Maintaining optimism can be possible through more uplifting self-talk. Try saying that you can make it work, that nothing is impossible. List at least five great things about yourself or things that make you unique. Instead of statements that begin with the words “I’m not,” practice using ones that begin with “I am.” Don’t say, “I am not able to do this,” say, “I am trying my hardest.” 


Show yourself some compassion! You are one of a kind, and beautiful inside and out. Every single day, try changing at least one negative thought about yourself into a positive one. Take small steps, and you will find that over time, your attitude will change. Self-confidence will grow, and you’ll remember all of the wonderful things that make you special! You are lovable, you are worthy, and most amazingly, you are you!


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