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Stresses are commonplace in daily life. Whether a person is at work, dealing with financial stresses, or simply trying to find enough time in the day to sit down and rest, stress and expectation can dictate much of a person’s daily schedule. For those in recovery, there can be even more additional stresses, as anxiety, depression, or any of the other effects of one’s trauma can manifest throughout the day. Between all of the stresses, it is normal to long for a time when one could simply detach from it all and simply enjoy the day again, just as when they were kids. While it may not be wholly possible, reconnecting with your inner child does carry a number of benefits, and this approach to self-care can be incredibly refreshing. 

Simply taking a break from work can have amazing recuperative effects. However, a person may also want to use that time just for themselves. While some may choose to watch a mindless television show to further detach themselves, others may find that there can be a stigma surrounding such juvenile activities. However, reconnecting with your inner child (and all of the associated interest and excitement) is nothing to be ashamed of. 

This is a form of self-care that doesn’t have to limit itself to any kind of social expectation. In fact, something as simple as playing with old Pokemon cards can be a journey through time itself, and help a person reconnect with the happiness and joy that used to be a part of daily life — a time before the effects of trauma or addiction set in through their lives. This break can be rejuvenating, and there is nothing wrong with using one’s own childhood as their method of escapism in the present. 

Reconnecting with childhood interests can remind oneself of their identities in the past, and thus inform decisions on identity and self-expression going forward. It can also be precisely the detachment needed to expend negative energy that can become pent up due to the constant stresses and responsibilities of adulthood. 

Learning to cope with the stresses of daily life while in recovery is a difficult task. However, if you or a loved one are suffering from addiction or the effects of trauma in your lives, The Guest House can help you today. We understand the unique and personal journey that recovery entails, and can help you explore and develop strategies for healing based on your own strengths and interests. By providing a number of therapeutic approaches, as well as individual and group therapy, we encourage each person to find their path to healing in a safe, comfortable environment. For more information on how we can help you, call us today at (855) 483-7800.