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When you call The Guest House and ask about our treatment programs, you’ll be surprised to learn that each of our clients receive a customized program of care and treatment plan. The list of various therapies, therapy types, healing modalities, activities, support meetings, and treatments we offer is long, broad, and diverse. Having a wide selection of evidence-based treatments is critical for making sure that every individual client’s needs are met in a healing and therapeutic way because clients don’t recover from trauma similarly.

No two experiences of trauma can be exactly alike. Even when a mass group of people experience a similar trauma, each person will have their own perspective, memories, experiences, and be affected by trauma differently. The history of their lives is different. Their genetics are different. Their likes, dislikes, abilities, disabilities, and preferences are all different. Saying ‘trauma is trauma’ and ‘treatment is treatment’ does a grave disservice to the millions of men and women needing to be cared for at a residential level. Everyone experiences trauma differently. Logically, everyone will recover from trauma differently. Thusly, everyone needs a different plan of care.

Having a customized treatment plan means that a team of trained and licensed professionals are taking your most unique details into consideration. Instead of receiving a ‘blanket treatment’ with components that are proven to work, you are receiving a highly customized program of care that is going to work specifically for you. Your health, nutrition, and spirituality are all taken into consideration in order to make sure that you are put on the best possible path of healing.

Long-term residential programs like the ones we offer at The Guest House Ocala provide the necessary amount of time to settle each client into their program of healing. Long-term care with customized programming ensures that each client has the time for therapies to truly dig in, heal old wounds, and provide new avenues for living. Learning to live in thirty days with a blanket program is difficult. Learning to live in three months or more with constantly evolving customized care is a better guarantee at a healthier, happier life.

Call The Guest House Ocala today for information on our residential treatment programs for traumas, addictions, and related mental health issues: 1-855-483-7800