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Moving Day

Moving can be stressful.  From packing everything, loading it into moving trucks or cars while trying not to damage anything, and then the dreaded unloading and unpacking. While you may be excited about the actual move, the process can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. You may be moving away from the people you are closest to, or the place you have lived your whole life. If you are in recovery that added pressure and stress can be scary. There are so many added factors that a person recovering from addiction may worry about, such as relapse or losing your support system. Understanding how to navigate through the stress is an important component of recovery. Here are a few simple suggestions to jump-start your new life at your new location. 

Be a Tourist

If you are new to the location, be a tourist and check out all of the local shops, restaurants, museums, or anything else the area might boast. This is a fun way to learn your way around, find spots you connect with and learn more about what to expect from the area. You may even discover new hobbies or activities to try in the process. Whether you moved for a specific reason like a job, or you simply needed a fresh start in a new environment, this is a way to get out there. You cannot learn an area unless you get out and experience it. For some people, this can be a nerve-racking or anxiety-producing thing to do, especially if you are on your own. This will help you to step outside of your box, and realize how capable you are of doing things on your own. Not feeling as if you need someone to go places with or experience things with is powerful. Understanding that you can stand on your own, and are brave enough to explore by yourself, is a great feeling and will help to build up your confidence in yourself. 

Create a Support System

If you went to support groups or therapy where you used to live, take the time to find those things in your new location. Do not wait until you find yourself really in need or having a highly stressful time. Take the time to plan ahead, find a new therapist or program, and work on creating a new routine with self-care. Maintaining your mental health throughout a move is important. You may find that after you move you feel alone, or really far away from your family and friends. As you explore your city and try new things, you will begin to make new connections and friendships. Work on creating a new support system with those who are close by. As you join groups and activities you will be amazed at how easily you connect with people who are in similar situations or have similar past experiences. This might also be stressful for some people to do; meeting new people can be challenging and scary. You may worry that other people will judge you for your past, or simply just not understand what you have gone through. While this may be out of your comfort zone, you will probably find it much easier to handle than you anticipate. Take a deep breath, and go explore your new city. Your support system will fall into place with the perfect people. 

Stay in Touch with Old Friends 

Staying in touch with old friends or acquaintances is important. Just because you move does not mean you need to forget about everyone you left behind. If the relationship was healthy and supportive, work to keep that connection. Schedule video calls, times to get together, or connect more on social media. Friendships and relationships are important and deserve the effort and strength that it takes to maintain even from a distance. We luckily live in a very connected society, so it is easier now more than ever to stay connected with those who may not be near. 

 If you have found some of your old relationships toxic and unhealthy, however, then take this time to try to form new healthy connections. Try to understand what made those previous relationships unhealthy and work on avoiding creating those types of connections again. While moving can be stressful,  there are some great benefits. This may be a great time to evaluate what you need in the relationships of those closest to you. If you are not receiving what you need from someone, then it may be a good time to communicate that to the person and work on that relationship. Otherwise, it may be healthiest to give that relationship space and to work on forming new and healthy connections. 

Moving can be a very stressful experience. You are probably leaving behind people who are an important part of your support system when you move to a new geographic area. The process of packing, loading, and then unpacking can be physically and emotionally draining. Take the time to learn the area, even if that means you look like a tourist in your new city. Work on meeting new people, forming new connections, and building a local support system to get you through the tough times. These things can all feel overwhelming, scary, and out of your comfort zone. Here at The Guest House Ocala, we are ready to help you work through any struggles or challenges you may be facing, regardless of what stage in the recovery process you are in. Call us today to learn more about the treatment options we offer at (855) 483-7800.