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The idea of implementing boundaries in our relationships can bring to mind negative associations and connotations. We think of having boundaries as being inflexible, strict, unyielding, and even unfair with the people closest to us. We think we’re being overly harsh, selfish, and self-centered when we establish boundaries in our relationships. Having healthy boundaries, though, is a way to make sure our needs are being met, to ensure we’re being respected, and to establish mutual reciprocity on the issues that are important to us. 

Healthy Relationship Dynamics

Without boundaries, many of us find ourselves being taken advantage of, disrespected, and unappreciated. People take liberties with us because they assume they can. These can range from unkindness to abusiveness, and establishing boundaries is a powerful way of avoiding these kinds of conflicts within our relationships. When we’ve experienced unhealthy relationships, we know firsthand the implications that can result from a lack of healthy boundaries. We know what happens when people don’t respect each other’s needs and aren’t considerate of one another’s wishes. Moving forward, we know just how important it is that we establish boundaries for ourselves and work to make sure they are upheld.

Self-Care and Self-Love

Having boundaries, therefore, isn’t unkind to the other person, and it isn’t selfish. It is an act of self-care and self-love that each of us should prioritize in our everyday lives. In each of our relationships, each of us should have their respective boundaries, and we both deserve for them to be respected. Neither person’s boundaries are more or less important than the other’s. Each person deserves to feel heard, understood, respected, and valued. Adhering to each other’s boundaries helps to ensure that this happens consistently. We want to make sure we’re being loving and nurturing to ourselves and to each other in each of our relationships.

We also want to have boundaries with ourselves, the things we will and won’t accept about ourselves. This helps us to stay connected to the goals we have for ourselves and our recovery. It helps us to stay accountable to ourselves and our sobriety. When we haven’t had boundaries in the past, our unhealthy relationship dynamics and addictive patterns had the room to grow out of control, causing us considerable pain and turmoil. Having boundaries with ourselves means we’re staying on top of our behaviors and our choices, and we’re choosing over and over again to commit to ourselves, to our well-being, and to our sobriety.

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