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Postpartum depression is widespread, yet stigma still surrounds it — so many people suffer in silence for fear of being judged. If you are experiencing postpartum depression, know you are not alone; many people and resources are available to help you and support you through your journey. Seeking professional help is encouraged if you think you may have postpartum depression. Keeping the following tips in mind can be helpful to you while you work with a mental health professional.  


Accept Help


Having a child is an amazing experience. We all go down a unique road when it comes to having children. However, some of us have easier journeys than others. No matter your situation, accept the help that is around you. Often we feel inadequate if we cannot do everything on our own at all times. Work through these feelings.  Accepting love and support is a sign of strength, not weakness. 


Give Yourself a Break


Postpartum depression can be all-consuming and can make even the most minor tasks feel monumental. Give yourself a break. Know that you are doing great. You are going through a very challenging experience, and it is okay not to be okay. 


Prioritize Sleep


Trying to maintain a sleep schedule during the first few months postpartum can be challenging. Postpartum depression can also have a profound effect on the sleep that you do get. Work with your support circle and let people give you a break. It is okay to hit “pause” and accept help. Those around you want to support you and lift you up. 


Find Your Inner Calm


We all respond to challenges differently, which means that finding your inner calm will be a process unique to you. Try meditation, yoga, or going on walks to help you find inner peace. Life changes are stressful even when those changes are amazing. Being able to center yourself and stay in the moment will help you work with a therapist to understand your challenges. 


Postpartum depression can be severe and can consume your life. Like any challenge before you, remembering how capable and strong you are is essential. You have a group of supporters ready to help you work through any struggle or challenge. Remember to take time for yourself and accept the support around you. Often, mental health challenges feel overwhelming and scary. It can be challenging to see or understand how to work through these issues. Here at The Guest House, we employ a holistic approach to help you gain the skills and tools necessary to face even the toughest challenges. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options and how we can support you at (855) 483-7800.