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Self-Care During A Hurricane: Part Two

We recently discussed the importance of being prepared for a hurricane and how to make sure you can practice self-care once a storm makes landfall. Here, we discuss a few other necessities and options, including leaving if necessary.

Make Hygiene Possible

Ice cold showers can be either a welcome relief or a burden when the hot water goes out. Water can also get shut off in extreme circumstances. Hygiene is a part of your self-care which helps you feel clean, alert, and safe. Falling into a poor hygiene routine can subtly stimulate feelings of depression, self-consciousness, and more. Purchase a few large packages of baby wipes, have extra deodorant, and invest in dry shampoo. You wont be under running water, but you can keep yourself feeling clean and fresh while a shower is out of the question. Don’t forget to maintain your dental hygiene as well- make sure to have mouthwash available in addition to your other dental needs.

Stay Hydrated

Hurricane season is also humidity season in Florida. It’s already hot outside. Add the thermal pressure and heat of a hurricane and throw in the risk of losing electricity, you get one hot equation. Staying hydrated is essential to keep your body cool. Dehydration affects more than your thermal regulation. You can become moody, irritable and experience a decline in your cognitive functioning. Physically, dehydration has severe risks.

Inform Your Neighbors

If you are living alone in a hurricane area and are away from family, consider informing your immediate neighbors of your mental health status. Remember, mental illness, addiction, and trauma are nothing to be ashamed of. When you choose to inform your neighbors, you are choosing to be proactive in your recovery, which signifies immense courage and bravery. Let your neighbors know you are alone in this hurricane season and living in recovery. Ask for their support in checkin in on you when possible, including you in get togethers, and if they can be an emergency contact if need be. You are never, ever alone when you reach out and ask for help.

Consider Leaving   

There are dozens of ways to be as prepared for a hurricane as possible. Taking care of you, your trauma recovery, and your mental health is more important than any physical possession you may feel you need to watch over during a hurricane. Consider leaving the area as soon as possible if a distinctly difficult hurricane is coming your way. Do what you can to protect your home as needed, pack up your essentials and prized possessions, then get out of dodge. Visit family, friends, temporarily relocate, or take a vacation if possible. Know that you are acting on strength for making the best decision for your mental health. You’re not abandoning ship or weak for taking an alternative route to surviving hurricane season.

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