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Living with trauma doesn’t mean having to live a life of isolation. Living in recovery means living in a wide open world. Everywhere you go, there you are. There is your trauma experience and there is your recovery. Here are two suggestions for self-care when experiencing trauma triggers while traveling.

Bring A Self-Care Kit Wherever You Go

Big or small, have items external to you which contribute to your self-care. You don’t have to lug around an extra suitcase just for the event that you may be triggered and need to self soothe. For example, if coloring in a coloring books is one of your self-care tools, there are small backpack or even purse sized mini coloring books, as well as miniature markers or pencils to use. Think about the small items which help you feel more at peace when you interact with them and the opportunities you will have during your travels. If hygiene based self-care helps, make sure you have access to a shower or a bathroom. Bring the toiletries you need to take care of your body, your skin, and your spirit. Certain snacks may bring you comfort, as may a certain item like a blanket or a pillow. When you pack for travels, you pack what is necessary for your trip. Your self-care is necessary for every trip you will take because you are on the journey of recovery from trauma for the rest of your life. Just like you pack the essential for travel, you pack the essentials for self-care. Just like you hate forgetting you toothbrush because you know brushing your teeth is an important part of your health, don’t forget to bring what you need for your mental health. That’s important too.

Have A Self-Care Safety Plan

Working with your therapists in treatment, you’ll be able to determine the exact methods of self-care you need to feel safe, secure, and grounded in the midst of trauma triggers. Before take off in an airplane, flight attendants perform the ritual explanation of safety procedures. You are informed of where to find your life vest, your oxygen, and how to exit the plane if necessary. These skills and this information is vital to your survival in the event of an emergency. Being triggered by trauma is an emergency situation for your mental health Like the safety plan given to you on an airplane, you need a safety plan for wherever you are, whatever you are doing, when your trauma triggers and trigger responses arise. Have a self-care safety plan that mirrors airplane travel. Find your life vest: all of the coping techniques which help you stay afloat when you feel like you’re drowning. Get oxygen: use deep breathing and grounding techniques to make sure you are getting the literal and proverbial oxygen you need to make it through. Remember what they teach on airplanes: give oxygen to yourself before anyone else. Lastly, know how to exit a triggering situation.

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