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It’s “The Holidays”, that sacred time of year celebrated from one end of the globe to the next to mark religious celebrations, winter traditions, and the ending of the widely regarded calendar year. “The Holidays” come with a busy schedule: there are vacations to plan, trips to take, presents to buy, parties to attend, thank you notes to write, resolutions to make, dishes to cook, decorations to put up, and much more. How, with everything going on during “The Holidays” could you possibly go to residential treatment? The answer is simple: you choose to.

If you are struggling with any area of your life, some part of you that has become uncontrollable, unmanageable, and is hurting you, your well-being, or the wellbeing of others, treatment is an option for you. Whether you are struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, straining to cope with trauma, or trying to live with a related mental health condition, treatment is available.

You might be under the impression that you aren’t “bad” enough to need treatment. Unfortunately, mental health struggles of all kinds come with a certain air of shame and stigma. Society has created stereotypes to make sense of mental health conditions. However, those stereotypes are misinformed and that misinformation causes people like you, who are struggling, to think they aren’t struggling enough to warrant treatment. You deserve treatment.

Treatment is available any time of year. Availability differs depending on capacity and vacancy in each treatment center. Your willingness to go to treatment and get the help you need, can change. If you are abusing life threatening drugs, alcohol, or participating in other self-harming behaviors, there is a stark reality which needs to be grasped: tomorrow is not guaranteed. Time, when it comes to choosing to go to treatment, truly is of the essence. Choose treatment today, no matter the day, the month, or the holiday season, and have a better chance at living your life through many more days to come- balanced and restored in mind, body, and spirit.

The Guest House Ocala welcomes you with open arms to our private, concierge style treatment programs for trauma and related issues. There is no time like the present to seek treatment and change your life. Everyone has a story. Change yours today.

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