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Should My Convictions Be Rooted in Recovery?

Those in the recovery world could misunderstand the word conviction. Many of us have been convicted of crimes that have been a product of addictively consuming drugs and drinking alcohol. Under the influence, we have done things that we would never attempt sober. If your legal convictions stem from drinking and using, your convictions in your sobriety should develop from your recovery program.

The word conviction is defined as “a fixed or firm belief,” which is the goal of recovery. Resisting the phenomena of craving and replacing it with convictions of grace and dignity is what can help you grow roots in recovery and get you to stay long-term.

Building Confidence in Your Beliefs Builds Confidence in Yourself

Using recovery principles as the standard of your convictions will help you repair your self-esteem. Drugs and alcohol tear down any confidence you have, and your recovery program will build your confidence back up. Having faith, honesty, integrity, and other spiritual principles as your beliefs will give you the ability to become a better version of yourself.

Building Acceptance in Your Recovery Builds Acceptance in Yourself

Many people do not come into recovery, wanting to get sober. They just want to find a way to get loved ones off their back or try to control their consumption. If this sounds like you, acceptance is the answer to all your problems. By acknowledging that you are powerless over drugs and alcohol, you can find freedom in your sobriety.

As you begin combating your addiction, you start to find yourself along the way. Accepting yourself, your addiction, and your recovery will give you a fighting chance to remain sober. Your convictions will prove that you can accept yourself for exactly who you are today and be proud of all your work.

Until you put some time into introspection, you will continue not knowing what you are convicted of doing in your recovery. Taking time to recover from drugs and alcohol can give you a way to understand your personal conviction. In doing so, you can become rooted in recovery and have a better chance of staying put in your recovery.

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